Soldering Tips

Karen Douglass


PCBoard Soldering can be a kind of art form, when done properly. The result should be a perfect physical and electrical connection, between the part lead and the solder pad on the board. I recommend that you find some solder with low lead content, and rosin core. This can help reduce the amount of lead being dumped into our landfills. You should also have a good soldering iron. Be sure the tip size is appropriate for the job. I suggest a 1/8” 3mm screwdriver tip.

Hold the iron tip on one side of the joint (where the part lead and solder pad should connect) and feed solder through the other side, on the solder pad surface. If the pad is hot enough, the solder will melt and flow like water around the whole surface of the joint. The cooled solder will have a “volcano” shape to it, appear shiny and the joint will have no voids or cracks. Success! (See figure below)


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