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Ole Hoffmeyer Lund(a77-p1)

Ole Hoffmeyer Lund

This is how I've done it. It started two years ago. After another DIY-project had blown off for the second… More...

Allan Flores

Allan Flores

Dear Mr. Pass, I would like to share some pictures of my Zen v4. I started this project more than… More...

Construct a Class - A Amplifier — Nelson Pass / 1977

Most audio power amplifiers use class A circuitry except in the drive and output stages, where they use class B or AB operating modes to achieve high efficiency. In class B and AB modes, the output stage operates in a pushpull configuration, where one set of output devices delivers positive voltage and current and another set delivers negative voltage and current. When one set is working, the other set is turned off. This scheme operates efficiently, but has two serious flaws, the extremely nonlinear characteristic of the transistors at the collector cutoff region and the turn-on/turn-off times of the devices.… More...

Phase -Coherent Crossover Networks — Nelson Pass / 1982

The importance of phase response in the audio chain has been brought to greater focus recently by equipment claims of phase coherency, (the output signal has the same phase relationships as the input signal). It is not particularly obvious that two different frequency components of a signal can go into a device at precisely the same time and emerge at different times, but it is extremely common. All audio components distort the phase of the signal to some degree-even air alters the time alignment of a signal, but the biggest offenders are loudspeakers and their crossover networks. Phase shifts in… More...

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