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Kenneth Sivertsen(amini-p2)

Kenneth Sivertsen

First off I would like to thank you for the sharing the design, THANK YOU smile More...

Glenn Swiderski

Glenn Swiderski

Desmond , Here is my second project after Zen lightenment. It's the bride of Zen Preamp and damn does it… More...

Current Source Amplifiers and Sensitive Full Range Drivers — Nelson Pass / 2004

Conventional wisdom holds that a pure voltage source amplifier is ideal for audio applications, and generally designers of loudspeakers work to that assumption. This belief has particularly been dominant since the development of high power solid-state amplifiers that began in the 1960’s. A small minority of audiophiles thinks otherwise, and these are often people using low wattage tube amplifiers with unusual looking speakers. Well, of course entertainment is full of fringe elements. A couple of years ago, Kent English and I were playing around with various ribbon tweeters, noting how the ribbons themselves seemed perfectly happy being driven by a… More...

The Pass A-40 Power Amplifier — Nelson Pass / 2000

FLATTERED BY THE opportunity to publish a project circuit, the designer is often beset by seemingly contradictory considerations. On the one hand, it is tempting to design a complex circuit as a demonstration of technical prowess; an amplifier with large numbers of esoteric components performing obscure functions. Such an amplifier might be a smorgasbord of electronic technique, featuring class A operation, cascoding, constant current sources, current mirrors, and extra-loop error correction. It would be fascinating to build and perhaps would also sound good. On the other hand, complexity is not a good end in itself and a much simpler circuit… More...

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