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Ole Hoffmeyer Lund(a77-p1)

Ole Hoffmeyer Lund

This is how I've done it. It started two years ago. After another DIY-project had blown off for the second… More...

Mark Finnis

Mark Finnis

I have attached a couple of pictures of the Son Of Zen which is in construction. Not as pretty as… More...

Cascode Amplifier Design — Nelson Pass / 1978

Lowering distortion in power circuits without compromising their transient response remains a primary problem for designers of audio power amplifiers. Until fairly recently, the favorite technique for removing distortion components in linear amplifiers was to cascade many gain stages to form a circuit having enormous amounts of gain and then using negative feedback to control the system and correct for the many errors introduced by this large number of components. While the sum of these components' distortions may cause large complex nonlinearities, the correspondingly large amounts of feedback applied are generally more than equal to the task of cleaning up… More...

Miscellaneous Projects — Webmaster / 2013

Here are some great project-submissions folks wanted to show-off.  They don't directly correspond with a single PassDIY project, but we still fealt like they should have a home.  Great work everyone!  More...

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