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Mario Ninic

This is my second version of zen-ligh amp. I corrected some errors (heat sink mounting...) and added little 12at7 preamp… More...

Kostas A

Kostas A

More than fifteen friends of mine, are listening music from my old A-40s. In 1995 I built the BOZ with… More...

Trouble Shooting — Kent English / 2002

Pre-Amplifiers Within the Pass Labs pre-amplifier family we typically see two installation errors, both involving cable issues. The most common error concerns improper sequence of cable connection for our pre-amplifiers with dedicated outboard power supplies. The last cable attached to these preamplifier products must always be the power cord. Attach these cables out of sequence and the logic circuitry in these particular products may cause them to self protect. The power cord must be plugged into the power supply chassis after all other cables are attached and lastly plugged into mains power. If you have done this out of sequence,… More...

Build a MOSFET Citation 12 — Nelson Pass / 1981

Audio Amateur has published a number of projects modifying popular kits, usually Dynaco's. Obviously it is much less expensive to use the chassis and power supply, pots, connectors, switches, PC boards, and heat sinks that can be had for the price of a kit than to buy the components individually or have them made. Creating a one-off copy commercially typically costs as much as making 10 copies of the same item, because the dominant costs are design and set-up time which do not increase with quantity. Small wonder then that most technicians and designers who write for this and similar… More...

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