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Ben Heil(a75-p8)

Ben Heil

Unfortunately the inverter which drives this element adds a bit of noise to my output so I later installed a… More...

Spencer Cheung(ax-p7)

Spencer Cheung

Here I present my new project AX to your gallery. I have made Balance Zen, AP and A60. This is… More...

The Legend of EL PIPE-O — Kent English / 2002

Most woofers just don’t quite do the lowest octave. You read the specs that say “usable response: 20 Hz – 20 KHz” and you know that the 20 Hz part of it is wildly optimistic. Achieving very low frequencies at reasonable power levels is not an easy job; the acoustic impedance experienced by a speaker cone declines as the inverse of the square of the frequency. As a practical matter, woofers and their enclosures need to be very large to properly reproduce the lowest octave. Even when you compensate with frequency equalization and more amplifier power, the performance suffers as… More...

Super-Symmetric Amplification — Nelson Pass / 1998

U.S. Patent # 5376899 describes a new amplifying circuit topology that takes advantage of the character of special matched balanced amplifiers that are cross-coupled to provide cancellation of distortion and noise. The result provides high performance with very simple linear circuits, better than previous efforts by an order of magnitude. We have dubbed the approach Super-Symmetry (Su-Sy), an homage to particle physics. Super-Symmetry works by exploiting the complementary characteristics of precision matched balanced circuits to differentially reject distortion and noise, and extends this symmetry to make the distortion and noise virtually identical on each half of a balanced amplifying circuit.… More...

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