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Dear Mr. Nelson Pass, Me and my best friend have built a nice amplifier called Zen Lite. The most difficult… More...

Mike Weinhold(amini-p1)

Mike Weinhold

Here are some pictures of one of my Mini-A's. It has a 230 VA transformer from Avel-Lindberg. A C-R-C 51,000… More...

Matching Devices — Nelson Pass / 1993

After you acquire the devices, you will need to test them. You might consider running lots of tests on these transistors, but only one is essential: measuring gate-source voltage versus current. The greatest variations occur here, and it is necessary to do some matching to get proper performance. This test will also tell you whether or not the device is broken. The test is simple and requires a power supply, a resistor, and a DC voltmeter. Figure 12 shows the test hookup for N- and P-channel types. The supply source resistance (R1) is nominal, and is found from I =… More...

Zen Variations 3 — Nelson Pass / 2002

In Part 2 we developed a new active current source for the Zen amplifier. In this part, we create a power supply regulator suitable for the Zen amplifier projects. Previous versions of the Zen amplifiers had no power supply regulation at all, or used capacitor/inductor/capacitor "pi" filters to smooth the ripple on the DC supply lines. In keeping with our philosophy of simple-aspossible, we want to develop a supply regulation system which gives us good regulation, with low AC noise and a stable DC value. The need for a good regulator is obvious enough. As simple as they are, the… More...

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