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Peter Daniel

Peter Daniel

Here are pictures of my another project. It's an integrated amp combining Zen and Bride of Zen in one chassis.… More...

Edwin Dorré(ax-p3)

Edwin Dorré

My High-Power 130W Amplifier-X. Just after finishing my A4 the world started buzzing about the new AX schematics. After… More...

Burning Amplifier # 1 — Nelson Pass / 2009

The Burning Amp Festival is an event every October in San Francisco. Do-it-yourself audio enthusiasts from all over gather to show off their projects, listen to talks and equipment demos, and rub shoulders with the rich and famous. Having a very large collection of audio parts and diminishing storage space, I seem to have fallen into the role of Santa Claus there, distributing components and cheap advice, with white hair, beard and a large elf (Colin Pass) to add verisimilitude. This year we also brought a batch of unfinished amplifiers, consisting of a chassis, connectors, transformer, power supply capacitors and… More...

Zen I/V Converter — Nelson Pass / 2010

Thirteen years ago Pass Labs launched the D1, a dedicated Digital to Analog converter for high end audio. It was based on balanced PCM63 DAC chips with a current source output, which requires a separate current-to-voltage converter (known as an I/V) to turn its output into the voltage to drive other line level audio equipment. We didn't care much for the op-amp based solutions seen in the manufacturer's application notes and decided to approach this part of the circuit much differently. The PCM63, like other current output DACs, favors driving a very low impedance, preferably ground. You can easily create… More...

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