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Michal Panufnik

Michal Panufnik

I built my Zen (and Bride of Zen) a year ago. Now, Im sill impressed by this sound. Its really… More...

Marcel van de Zande(amini-p5)

Marcel van de Zande

After a week of hard work, my mini-A mono blocks are finished. After lurking around on the Pass labs section… More...

Leaving Class A — Nelson Pass / 2008

The meters on our amplifi ers are different. They refl ect the current consumption of the amplifi er, and when the amplifi er is operating, they don’t go down to zero like the meters on other amplifi ers. This is because the electrical current consumption of our circuits has a fairly high value at all times, a property called the bias. The bias current runs through the amplifi ers at a minimum value, determining the class of operation – Class B, Class AB, or Class A. Class B has no bias current, Class AB has a moderate bias current, and… More...

The Pass A-40 Power Amplifier — Nelson Pass / 2000

FLATTERED BY THE opportunity to publish a project circuit, the designer is often beset by seemingly contradictory considerations. On the one hand, it is tempting to design a complex circuit as a demonstration of technical prowess; an amplifier with large numbers of esoteric components performing obscure functions. Such an amplifier might be a smorgasbord of electronic technique, featuring class A operation, cascoding, constant current sources, current mirrors, and extra-loop error correction. It would be fascinating to build and perhaps would also sound good. On the other hand, complexity is not a good end in itself and a much simpler circuit… More...

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