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Thierry BASSAL

Thierry BASSAL

Excuse my poor english, Here somes pics from my new A5. This is my first project DIY. 12 months of… More...

Spencer Cheung(ax-p7)

Spencer Cheung

Here I present my new project AX to your gallery. I have made Balance Zen, AP and A60. This is… More...

Burning Amplifier # 2 — Nelson Pass / 2009

In Burning Amp 1 we examined an amplifier circuit designed to complement the hardware we gave away to some attendees at last October's Burning Amp Festival in the San Francisco bay area. This first design centered on a power output stage having of four banks of parallel N channel Mosfets. It was a single-ended Class A amplifier which delivered high quality sound with only local feedback. Burning Amp 2 will use virtually the same front end and power supply but coupled to complementary banks of N and P channel power Mosfets used as followers in a push-pull Class A configuration.… More...

A75 Part 1 — Norman Thagard & Nelson Pass / 1992

READERS' REQUESTS FOR more power are reasonable, but not interesting enough to justify another article. Hanging some output transistors on the original and beefing up the power supply is best left as an exercise to the reader. While the A75 delivers more power, particularly into low-impedance loads, that is not the primary goal of this project. We wish to introduce more advanced concepts in amplifier design, including balanced inputs, dual differential inputs, true DC response, cascode and folded cascode operation, tiered and regulated supplies, operation with and without feedback, and details of designing with the new generation of power MOSFETS.… More...

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