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Scott Gregory

Scott Gregory

After a failure of my CJ preamp, I was in the mindset to build a good sounding Solid State preamp.… More...

Pablo Torío(a75-p9)

Pablo Torío

I found your issue A75 very interesting and I decided to make it. As I made some slight variations, I… More...

Power Supplies — Nelson Pass / 2001

Lots of people don't understand electricity, but they do understand plumbing. Hydraulics provides a good analogy in understanding basic electrical flow. Wire is a pipe. Water pressure is voltage. Water flow is electrical current. Lakes and storage tanks are capacitors. Diodes are one-way valves. Tubes and transistors are faucets. The entire power circuitry of an amplifier can be seen as a community water system. The sun, driving the weather cycle, deposits water on the landscape, and it collects in a lake behind a dam. The community draws water as needed through pipes. In the winter, the rain collects in the… More...

Cascode Amplifier Design — Nelson Pass / 1978

Lowering distortion in power circuits without compromising their transient response remains a primary problem for designers of audio power amplifiers. Until fairly recently, the favorite technique for removing distortion components in linear amplifiers was to cascade many gain stages to form a circuit having enormous amounts of gain and then using negative feedback to control the system and correct for the many errors introduced by this large number of components. While the sum of these components' distortions may cause large complex nonlinearities, the correspondingly large amounts of feedback applied are generally more than equal to the task of cleaning up… More...

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