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Marcel van de Zande(amini-p5)

Marcel van de Zande

After a week of hard work, my mini-A mono blocks are finished. After lurking around on the Pass labs section… More...

Nathan Brandt

Nathan Brandt

My father and I built the Zen Balanced Line Stage as a replacement to my Sonic Frontiers SFL-1. It's a… More...

Speaker Cables — Nelson Pass / 1980

AUDIOPHILES RECENTLY BEGAN re-examining the performance of every link in the audio playback chain, and before long their attention turned to the lowly loudspeaker cable. In response to demand, a number of companies are producing or distributing new and exotic cables claimed to improve audio power transmission from amplifier to speaker. Pointing to lower resistance and inductance, proponents of the newer cables insist they sound significantly better ("better than an expander!"); however, the subject is controversial, and some hi-fi notables claim performance increase is negligible and the higher capacitance of some new cables can cause amplifier instability and damage.1-4 Neither… More...

Ground Loops — Kent English / 2002

Your brand new component is hooked up, fresh from the box, and the fi rst time you power it up is a sonic disaster; it hums, it buzzes and in general sounds absolutely dreadful. Glaring at your equipment or dealer doesn’t help and twisting knobs only makes the noise worse; what now? From years of experience we fi nd that the vast majority of excessive noise in audio electronics can be traced directly to poor grounding techniques. While we recommend balanced interconnects on your audio components whenever possible, it must be understood that balanced interconnects address only the problems of… More...

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