Stefano Billiani(Zen-X)

Miscellaneous Projects

Hallo! So much fun building the X ZEN ! The amp is rated at 2.8Amps / channel . The project and design is based on the Pass Labs Aleph (tm) and Super-Symmetry (tm) patents , and consists essentially of a differential pair loaded with the Aleph current sources and arranged with symmetrical feedback. It sounds wonderfully , and able to drive 8 ohm 90db speakers without the trace of an effort. It take long time reading and learning patents , schematics and posts at the Pass Labs and diyaudio sites , but it is worth the candle. I would so say Thank you to Nelson Pass for his research and kindness sharing it with diy people . Also Thank you to all the guys at diyaudio for the support. ....and Thank you to my family for the patience . Stefano Billiani, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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