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this A30 clone is my first DIY-project, I started to plan this project on February 2006 and finished it on September working in my free weekend. I spent the main time reading the Pass articles and the posts on diyaudio.com forum. The PCBs and the part-list are from chipamp.com The toroid is 650VA 2x22Volt (thanks again Andrea) The R in the CCRC arrangement is a parallel of 5x3 Ohm 3 Watt (0,6R total) per rail A 3,3 μF MKT is used like capacitor filter and under load the PSU deliver +/- 24,7 Volt. For one channel the bias is 2.1A and the DC offset is 20 mV about. The IRFP240 are in TO-220 case and mounted with mica insulator and thermal silicon paste on the heatsink (300x160x40 mm). After 3 hours while Tamb is 20°C the Tcase rise to 55°C, a little high to touch the heatsinks for more than 3 seconds! Measuring the T on the metal side of the mosfets it raises in the worse case to 85°C. No noise in the speaker, very little hum from the toroid and no thumps when turn the switch on or off. The sound is really 3D with great separation, the instruments are present and very detailed. I found very neutral reproduction of the music. A little heater (16,5 Kg) for wonderful music! I want to thanks all the people on diyaudio forum because on their discussion I learned all about my work. Thanks to the people who maintain this gallery updated and who posted their work that I found very inspired. I am grateful especially to Mr Pass who allowed me to live the "Frankenstein experience" when I gave life for my first time to my Amplifier and it sang for me! I can’t explain my joy in words! Greetings to all Pass community Giuseppe (Italy)

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