Andrea Pirovano

Miscellaneous Projects

Hello Pass crew, these are some photos of my DIY A30. My personal interpretation of Nelson's design uses off-the shelf components, mainly to keep costs down. Power supply is made of a 500VA toroid (22+22 Vac), two bridges, a CRC arrangements with about 20000 uF per cell (each amp has its own caps). The PCB is home-made with the layouts made available by the guys at and the output devices are wired on a veroboard. What to say about the sound? At the moment the amp only has unbalanced input, even if I plan to switch to balanced as soon as the long-awaited DIY crossover will be released. I've tested it in 2 setups and must say that the mid-hi region is absolutely wonderful, the only drawback is the lack of power (only about 30W) that doesn't allow high SPLs with "regular" speakers. Thank you Mr Pass for sharing this project and to all the guys at diyaudio who helped a lot with their suggestions. Andrea Pirovano

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