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About me
My name is Norbert Kulcsar from Hungary. I would like to present you my new Energy Converter For Photonic Emission Bias Bulbs, the Zen Lite amp.

Here are some pictures of the completed amp. (Sorry for the bad quality, I have only a very simple digi cam .) The base is made out of 5mm aluminum sheet and 2 pieces wood on the sides. The amp is operating faultless since the first turn on. Each channel has its own power supply with more than 120.000 uF and 4mH pi filter. No turn on "thump" or any othe noise, the amp is deadly quiet on idle. After 1 hour operating, the amp's temperature is only around 45 C. The amp's weight is 15 kg. The sound of the ZenLite amp is really superb! Very musical, clear and dynamic and unbelievable detailed! In fact, it is one of the best amp I have ever heard! Probably the best.... !? All people I show this amp say that too...I use the Zen Lite with the BOZ, what is also a very pretty sounding preamp! And here is the part list: - 19" case - 2 transformer with 36V 200VA - capacitors 2x 60.000 µF 75V Philips and 1x 10000 µF Jamicon coupling capacitor per channel -2x 4 mH inductor - 1x irfp240 Mosfet per channel - 2x 110V 150W bulbs per channel -10R/6W thermistor Thank you Mr. Pass for providing such a great site packed with so much information and all thanks to your magic design!! Best Regards: Norbert

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