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I became a proud owner of an excellent amp A5. It was tough job for me because it is my first DIY project. Technical side: Dual mono construction with two 350VA 2x28V toroids. 8 (4 per channel)BC components electrolytics 33000uf 63V series 154. Excellent caps. One 50A high quality rectifier per channel. Silver plated copper wire throughout PS. 5mm copper plates to connect caps and keep them together. Kristijans PCBs. Riken resistors, Black Gate Std and FK series 220uf caps. Jensen copper in oil 47nf cap. Mills 5W source resisors 1R and 0.5R. FETs matched to 0.05V. Silver wires for input and output. WBT speaker terminals and Audio Note silver RCA connectors. Sound: Sound is just marvelous. Transparent, detailed and microdinamics is awesome. Soundstage just "exploded" all around my room. I never heard something better than that, and I used and listened to a lot of mid-fi amplification systems. I have to let it burn in for at least 100 hours (Black Gates). Temperature on the heatsinks is around 55 degres Celsius. I have put Solens 2.2uf for the bypass in PS (better bass, more dynamics), and I'm using the 1.5uf Wima MKP cap across Zener diode Z5 as Master suggested. Thanks everybody on DIYaudio forum for help, thanks to my good friend Daniel who helped me a lot in putting the Amplifier together and especially one big Thank you very much to Nelson and the Pass Labs crew for sharing their knowledge with all of us crazy do-it-yourselfers." Thank you for publishing it on your site, Boris Bakota, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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