Miscellaneous Projects

Here is my first solid state DIY project - 2 A5. In the power supply for each channel I used 2x24V 650VAC transformers , 4x47000uF BC Philips and Kendeil. Softstart with 4 parallel thermistors. IRF240 transistors matched to 1mV, bias resistors are MOX 0R82 10W. The temp of the heat sinks goes to 65C in room temp 20C. BLS with active crossovers and high efficiency loudspeakers coming soon. I'd like thanks Nelson Pass and the rest of the crew at Pass DIY kind enough for sharing Amplifier design, knowledge and also making it available to DIY community. I'd like thanks also Jaskier, Boleslaw Zaras and Waldemar Czernichowski for helping me to build this two monsters. Arek Kallas, Poland .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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