Miscellaneous Projects

This is my first Class A amplifier ever. I was always more into AB class amplifiers, because of smaller power consumption. But then the internet came into my home and I was reading all these excellent reviews on Pass products. I have decided to built an A5 because of the ideal output power 60W/8Ohm. It fits into my room perfectly. I have to say that this project took me over 4 months to build it. And please don't think that I'm lazy! I had to pause every now and then because of lack of finances. It was probably the most expensive amplifier that I build for myself. Personally I don't like mono-blocks. Call me old-fashioned, but I still fancy Hi-Fi components. So the measurements are 430x160x450mm (H,W,D). Front plate is gold-plated Al, rear panel is black painted Al, the body is made of 12mm oak. P.S.: All the photos are without the glass cover! At last – thanks to Mr. Pass and everyone that helped me build my own A5! Gregor Doler (DJG), .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) Slovenia

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