Son of Zen

Hey guys! Here is another SOZ singing. I basically followed the Nelson Pass project on your web page. I used the following components: - 220V -> 12+12V, 250VA toroidal transformer - 50W power resistors - metal film resistors (1/2W) - 4x10000uF power supply capacitors - IRFP240 mosfet - Speaker OFC cable for the wiring - WBT binding posts - 2 x PR170/375mm Alutronic heatsink - 3mm aluminum for the cover, bottom and front and rear panel I guess the power rating of this bay is about 5W per channel. The amp sounds very good, especially on the low frequency. Modern type music like gotan project, massive attack sounds awesome!! If you are a guy take likes acoustic and vocal, my SOZ is a bit undefined compared with my Audio Note kit One (that is a valve Amp, class A, single ended 300B Triode). I am trying to combine these two amps, the SOZ in the low frequency and the Audio Note in the High frequency in a biamp configuration. I plan to build another SOZ with +-15W and I plan to use very large heatsinks PR256/B400 with 300mm from alutronic with a total weight of 25kg (I hope it's enough!), two toroids 220V->25+25V 600VA, 4 x 150000uF = 600000uF!! If anyone want detailed plans for the casing in DWG, DWF, WMF, or have any questions or suggestions, please email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) Pedro Oliveira

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