Mike Weinhold(amini-p1)

Miscellaneous Projects

Here are some pictures of one of my Mini-A's. It has a 230 VA transformer from Avel-Lindberg. A C-R-C 51,000 uf., .5 ohm, 51,000 uf. per rail power supply. It is running @ +/- 18 volts with 1.5 amp bias. The output MOSFETs are Fairchild FQA19N20. They are a lot like the IRFP240's. This amp has quite a bit of punch in the bass. The top is marble. The Canary wood on the front is to cover up the drill holes that I screwed up. The big spare on the bottom is because I was experimenting with higher voltage transformers. Thanks for all the support. Mike Weinhold, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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