Zen Variations 4

First I have to thank you so much for bringing me back to DIY HiFi!! After several years I restart playing with amps and speakers. The drug was a Zen amp. After trying several variation I build the Zen V4 and was really impressed about the sound quality this little beast could give. I use them for my full range Fostex over 200Hz. Thanx again to all in your team. Tech: 400 W Transformer, 2 * 22000uF Caps, I use only the cap multiplier. Build on a Vero board using p2p wiring. Current is higher then the original ZenV4.(2.8A) . As you see, i used a wood chassis made of beech. Easy to work with and doesn`t cost a fortune. Wood is finished with hemp oil and then polished. My son is also a big fan of these amps;-) Nelson thanx again for sharing these nice amp designs. Andreas ( .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) )

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