Bride of Zen

Bride of Zen on a shoestring: Since I've been accused on more than one occasion of showing creations that might be out of reach for some members of this forum ( I present here something that can be easily and cheaply done and nice looking as well. This is BOZ I built for my brother in law. That's the back panel. The case was bought from my local Chinese store for CAD 30. The PCBs were done and designed by me. I always prefer to use relay switching mounted directly on input and output connectors, minimum wiring this way and purer signal paths. I used separate transformer for relays. Input potentiometer is 100K Nobel sourced from Sonic Frontiers. The toroid is mounted on a thick copper plate. Wiring by Kimber, coupling caps from Rifa. The extra circuit here is low pass crossover for subwoofer (Marchant) with separate transformer and PS. I did that preamp in 2 days, and being seemingly cheaply done I always look at it with pleasure. Maybe because it owes its styling to early Mark Levinson equipment. Peter Daniel

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