Miscellaneous Projects

I built A5 with Mark Finnis PCB project. (for his Amplifier4) In the power supply I used "Pi" filter with two 1,8mH aerial coils and 120 000uF total capacitors ( 12x10 000uF) custom made toroidal transformer 600W / 2x27V secondary voltages metal film 0,6W Yageo resistors (and 4W MOX ) ZTX450 (instead of MPSA) and IRFP240`s all the parts matched. Enclosure is made with aluminum (5mm and 2 mm) - using only hand tools - it was hard work ! Bride Of Zen - similar to my A5 . I use no input selector cause I don't need this and that's all. Oh , I forgot : the sound - it's really superb ! clear with deep bass ..... excellent dynamic ... Waldemar Czernichowski, Poland

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