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About me
My name is John , I am from Shanghai in China. I am interested with diy audio equipment, specially masterpiece of Mr. Pass. After hard working , I can now enjoy beautiful music with my diy Amplifier-4 amplifier at last .

First , I must thank you , because of you , I can finish this project with your generosity to diy community. My Amplifier-4 amplifier use 6 mosfets with 1a current each , and 40 volt. so all cost energy power of 240w for one channel, in my A4, I use IRFP250 on heat sink and IRFP9610 on front circuit board. When the Amplifier-4 is working, the heat sink will be hot up to 60 degree Celsius. I can touch them only for 3 seconds, it is really hot , maybe the heat sink is not enough, but I think that is safe because after the Amplifier-4 works for 4 hours, it still keeps 60 degree Celsius. About sound quality, I can say it is very natural and clear, I think I should pay more money for my speakers as what other Amplifier diyers consider. Last, I welcome any one to email me for talking about pass diy project.

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