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Hi Nelson, Further to recent correspondence, I'm *very* pleased to say that my attempts at building the Amplifier4 have been successful wink I had to do this in "semi-budget" mode, so acquired most of the power supply and heatsinks surplus. Was lucky enough to find some 300 x 360mm heavy duty sinks which were perfect for "sides" for a tower-style case. Had a lot of fun doing this. Was the first time I had ever designed or made PCBs and they worked really well. I got inspired and even made boards for the 3-FET sets! Heatsinks are perfect ..... its been running for 4 hours and the sides are hot, but you can leave your hands there for a reasonable period. Once again, I am stunned and grateful for your open approach to your intellectual property. BTW ........ sounds great too ! Cheers Mark Finnis For more information you can check out Mark's web page: http://www.users.on.net/~mefinnis/index.htm and / or download these PDFs with schematics, board layouts and instructions. a4-p1-pcbs.pdf (386KB)This updated .pdf from Mark contains the schematic, parts list and PCBs. a4-p1-const.pdf (28KB) This updated file contains detailed instructions on how to build this project, including making your own PCBs. Very well done. (Pass Labs)

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