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About me
My name is Norbert Greif. I live in Poland. I am writing to you because I am fascinated with your amplifier A40.

Inspired with these construction I have constructed my own amplifier A3, which I present on enclosed photos (zipped in file Amplifier3). The circuit of mine has 360W power supply, 80 000 microF capacity, cabled with oxygen-free cuprum, output power transistors IRFP 240. In the audio set of mine they are used with tubed preamplifier (my own construction as well), CD player White Denon DCD 3520. Speakers (again my own construction) are imitation of T+A TMR-160. Speakers cables are bi-wiring Monster Cable, NF Cable van den Hull. The sound of the set is great, which in turn inspired me to begin work on you next construction - Amplifier 5. Best regards Norbert Pozdrowienia Zbyszek

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