Miscellaneous Projects

Technical data: 8 months of hard work with great scheme A2 PASS. Weight - 80KG each mono-block. No additional cooling system. 70cm length x 50 cm width x height 25 cm Copper shield 5mm between all inside elements (elements are drowned in resin) Improved BIAS Wired connections made of silver with gold (15%), Teflon isolation with filters. Two Transformers (each 800W) on one mono-block (at first I used one tr. 800W, but after improving BIAS a I've had to add another one) Cover is made of aluminum (12mm), handmade every outside parts Used only polish components Amplifier obtained Krell's character (STANDARD 2), simultaneously saving sound's culture which Krell amplifier doesn't have. Shielding with copper gives pure music's picture. I use: Speakers: Sonus Faber Extrema Connection wires: hand made of gold/silver CD Player: CD Braun CD5 with high cost BurnBrown 627BP - I've added separate reinforcer to digital part and another one to analog part, transformer shielded with steel and copper, each 250W, stabilized Buffer: Analog Device 3000V/ms Sound is excellent! Dariusz Bohusz

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