Morris Eaddy

Miscellaneous Projects

Please see my attached pictures of a pair of A2 mono-blocks. Each amp stands 19 inches high, 15.5 inches deep and 7 inches wide. The proportions were dictated by the size of the heat sinks that were used. It's hard to get a picture of these amps that accurately show their proportions. they are big, and quite heavy. A serious amp! I tried to keep my design and parts used simple. I believe the heart of the A amplifiers is the excellent circuit designed by Mr. Pass. Exotic parts aren't what make these amps sound so good! So I would like to say thank you very much to Mr. Pass and the entire Pass Labs gang. Thank you for all your input and time spent helping the DIY community. Also a big thanks to the diyAudio Forum. I gained a lot of inspiration from the regulars there. to many to name them all! As for the sound? Magnificent!! 100 watts of pure listening bliss : ) TECH STUFF: Transformers: Victoria Magnetics 1000VA 37V secondaries. PSU: C L C configuration using 2mH air-core inductors. Power Supply Caps: Four 68,000uF with 6.8uF bypass caps. PCB's: By Kristijan Kljucaric. Thanks Again!, Morris Eaddy

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