Son of Zen

About me
Hello! My name is Bernt Jansson and I live in Gothenburg, Sweden. I work in the business, making the Jorma Design cables and also loudspeakers in

But the reason I write you is because in the evenings recently I have built a few of your projects at Passdiy. Most recent is the 7T version of the Son of Zen. I have built it water cooled and integrated it in the heating system in the house. The load toroids are 2000VA. The sound is sweeeet! I have built a lot with tubes before, OTL-amps and other. But actually this one beats them all by a margin. I enclose a few pictures, you might like them. I hope so. I have also built B1 and Pearl I with MC-stepup. Here is a link to the Pearl: (This is a thread describing my system on a swedish forum) Best regards, Bernt

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