Zen Variations 4

About me
Hi Mr. Nelson, First, sorry for my bad English. I am Juan Cruz from Spain.

This is my first DIY project, i finish one year ago the ZEN V4 power amp, and i very happy with the sound. This work very hot, about 35ºC above the ambient, in my house normaly is about 20ºC. I redesign the pcb for my special component with eagle software. (thanks to Aitor Maestro, he help me building the pcb's) I use: 1 trafo 230V/2 x 40V 625VA nuvotem-talema. Poliester cap are mkt1813 vishay type. Big electrolitic, 10000uF/63V are BHC-aerovox. 1/4W Resistors are welwyn RC-55Y 0,1%. In the AC input i put a schaffner 10A filter, and the power supply is CRC type, 10kuF-1ohm-20kuF. The polarisation for the amp is 2A, and about 16mA for the buffer (two 4k75 in parallel). All the chasis is aluminium. My other components: Nad 304 used how preamp. Source: Denon dvd2800 and, Loudspeakers: Heybrook HB1- series 3 (90db, 6ohm). Now i am working in a Aleph P preamp (simplified to work only with unbalanced input/output). .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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