Zen Variations 4

About me
Hallo, my name is Kiril Kirilov from Bulgaria. I'm your zealous fan since last year, when I found this absolutely incredible site!

Recently I've finished my version of integrated Zen V4 and BOZ in a common enclosure. Some of my best friends are already in progress with some of your other projects! I'm very pleased with sound. The truth is that I've never heard something so wonderful in sound like this project. It's IMHO directly comparable in sonic values to "thousands dollars" commercial products. Thank You Nelson Pass!!! Kiril Kirilov Description of different parts of integrated power amp + BOZ preamp: Big thing in the centre is a cooking pot (price 2 EURO-LOL:-) which contains 700VA rated toroidal trafo and is fulfilled with polyurethane for less hum. On the back side in the centre is located BOZ and in two corners ZEN-PCB's. Q5 and Modulated PSU-regulators are on external PCB's and have it's own heatsinks. All heatsinks are from power thiristors. The Box (visible on other pictures) is from scrap-lab-PSU (made in Bulgaria) which I bought for 14 Euro grin.

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