The Zen Amplifier

Hello everybody in PASSDIY... Here, I attached the picture of my ZEN amplifier, and in fact, they are brothers... The one with single transformer and heatsink is the LITTLE brother of my ZEN amplifier. I set the bias currents amount of 1 amperes to each channel. So the both channels draw 2 amperes from single 5 amperes, 25 volts power transformer. I use IRF9540 and IRF540 for the MOSFET devices, and BC559 for the current setter for IRF9540. Like Mr. Pass said, IT WORKS FINE (^ _ ^) and I like the sweet sound much... The other one, which is consisted 2 power transforemers, is the BIG brother. I set the bias currents up to 2 amperes like the articles suggested and Mr. Pass told me via my e-mail. I use IRFP9240 and IRFP240 for the MOSFET devices. Since the high frequency was so bright, I cut them through 220pf MKP capacitors on the RCA input socket. I don't know if this is what Mr. Pass called as high frequency distortion of the MOSFET gain devices compared to IRFP040 or IRFP140 :-( The sound was more warm and liquid compared to his LITTLE brother with Yamaha CD player, 7DJ8 Tube pre-amplifier or Aleph P 1.7 pre-amplifier, cables and 2 way speakers configuration. I noticed the detailed was richer than his LITTLE brother, too... grin I use fan to make this amplifier more 'reliable' in shape and package like the ordinary amplifier, and seems like : "The great idea should wrapped with the great enclosure" wink Well, enjoy the pictures guy... Thank you PASSDIY, and Mr. Pass for your support to DIY community... Best regards, Karnovim Salim.

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