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I'm a Korean and a Naval Architect, working for certification of structural strength of the ships. I'm writing this from Norway.

I have built your ZEN using IRFP150 and BRIDE OF ZEN (BOZ) with IRF530. ZEN has the negative feedback line but has no coil for the electricity filtering. BOZ has a modified circuitry similar to ZEN. Normal components and hard wiring with solid tinned copper wires (no insulation) of 18 gauge has been used all the way inside the two boxes. During the hard wiring of both ZEN and BOZ, I have been careful to provide symmetric dc flow on port and starboard sides in order to assure the zeroed electrical potential energy at the centerline, which is connected to the ground point. In consequence, no hum and they are deadly quiet when there is no music signal. My general way, too, has been always "as simply as possible." BOZ has no input selector. From time to time, I just change the interconnect line to select the music source. It has one manual 10-position-volume attenuator for the control of sound level from -53dB to -14dB, not up to 0dB (too loud for my 20 square-meter room). ZEN and BOZ are set up with my own-built Ariel speaker of 4-ohm 92dB. Through the system, 3D natural sound of music flows out with detailed musical notes. Sometimes I have had visitors to my room and they have commented on the music as realistic and enjoyed the realistic music. They have seemed to hardly believe in the amplifier as of 10+10W power. Here, I have one question. I wonder why the designer of the Ariel speaker, which is also a good design, is allergic to the single-ended class-A solid state amplifier. I hope he could kindly spend a bit more time on it. Enclosed are some pictures of ZEN and BOZ. To demonstrate that I'm a Naval Architect, I have put ZEN and BOZ on a small boat shape, lighting blue LEDs for an imagination of the sea. Dear Mr Pass Thanks in deed. As a music lover, I like to listen to the natural music. The ZEN and BRIDE OF ZEN, which are born based on your elegant idea and design, provide it. They hold me tight on the listening seat long, and it has happened already many years, without fatigue. Wishing your business prosperous. Best Regards JH You For any comments, please to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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