Günter Vogl

The Zen Amplifier

hello, I am writing to you from the south of Germany ( not too far away from Munich). Now I finished my ZEN amp. May be it's upon your taste and you want it to add to the DIY - gallery. I used only high- quality components (toroidal transformers, expensive C´s) and spend some effort with the housing (cherry-wood-frame, engraved and afterwards anodized aluminum). The circuit is moderate modified (larger C´s in the power supply together with a coil, IRFP 150N and IRF 9230), but the most interesting change is that I decided to omit the input- capacitor C6: Because my DIY- Tube-Preamp which drives the ZEN real famous because of its high output voltage has a capacitor in the output-stage, this second C is superfluous and to leave out this improves the sound. (But I don't use the ZEN with other preamps because of this). I wired it free, without a pcb-board. No hum, no random noise. My speakers have a not critical impedance- curve, about 90 db/W and it sounds really wonderful. The simplicity of the circuit makes it sound direct, clear, dynamic and stirring. best regards Günter Vogl

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