The Zen Amplifier

About me
My name is Jimmy Su . I'm a diver from Taiwan .The pictures are my new power amp that base on project "Zen" .

We name this power amp is" Passion-15" ! 15 means its output is 15 watts. Passion-15 is a dual mono power amp . I use two 270VA transformers in it . It is too hot although it has large heat sinks . So I use two Fans to keep cool . The fans are sat in the top of case and has their own power supply . Passion-15 (or I should say Zen) sounds very nice (my spesker is Avalon The Monitor). My English is very poor , so I don,t know how to describe . But it,s really nice !! Thank you , Mr.Pass My Passion-15 . Looks not good but sounds perfect ! Top view . Down left is power supply of fans . I use a small EI transformer and a 7812 to make 12V DC for 24VDC fan . Fan will be slower but will be quieter . Side view . You can find two transformers and fans. Behind Passion-15 is my speaker : Avalon The Monitor . I use four aluminum electrolytic capacitors in power part and two in output. Every one is 4700uf/50V, and they are low ESR & low leakage capacitors . They work very well and sound very beautiful !

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