Son of Zen

Dear PassDIY, I have finished my amplifier project, and would like to share these pictures with all PassDIY'ers. I am not an electronics engineer, nor do I work with electronics professionally. I wanted to build these amps for a few reasons. First, I am an audiophile; second, I can't afford most of the amps out there; last, I am a chronic DIY'er. So the PassDIY amps are perfect. I would like to extend a sincere thanks to Nelson Pass for publishing so many amp designs, this has been Fun. The amps are an X-Balanced Zen line Stage, and a 5 Watt per channel X-SOZ (much like SOZ v. 6), but with circuit design gleaned from Pass Labs forum. X-BZLS specs: Circuit boards from Kristijan Kljucaric, my press-n-peel boards did not pass aesthetic tests Dual power supply boards +,- 50 VDC rails 39K Ohm feedback resistor under main board 2 x 10 uf parallel feedback capacitors Original spec mosfets Dual 10K Ohm input attenuator Single 10K Ohm output attenuators, I listen at my desk, and my speakers are not symetrically placed ..250" aluminum plate chasis, with panels from .5" mdf top X-SOZ specs: Dual Stancor RT-208 salvaged power transformers +,- 14 VDC rails CLC filter, 43,000-2mh-43,000 (inductors are x-over filters, seem to work, but do get hot) 2 x 10K parallel feedback resistors 2 x 220 uF lytic feedback capacitors IRFP048 mosfets Voltage across outputs = .005 VDC Outputs to ground = 4.9 VDC All of my X components are subject to change as I learn more. Currently, I am running an unbalanced source, and have terrible bose model 12 bookshelf speakers. Regardless, I am absolutely floored by the brilliant sound of these amps! My system is not responding to low or high freq's played from a test cd, but I hope that is my current speaker (which I cannot find specs for). and not my x circuit. Thad Howard, Los Angeles

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