Son of Zen

This is my Son of Zen amplifier. I wanted to build something unique, which solved the enormous heat transfer problem associated with this circuit without resorting to an elaborate means of cooling. I essentially built a chimney. A heated column of air will rise due to its reduced density, producing an upward velocity. The magnitude of this velocity increases with the height of the column. In this case I selected 60 inches. The case is made from ¼ inch aluminum plate. The vertical sections consist of a front and two sides that I welded together. The rear panel is removable and is made of ¼ inch plywood. The top and bottom are open to allow cool air to be drawn through. The design works well, producing strong air flow without the use of any fans. I chose 15 watts per channel for the amplifier’s maximum power. I typically run it somewhere between 5 and 7 watts. In this range the power supply noise is at a minimum, and the music is plenty loud. This amplifier sounds wonderful! This was a fun project; I can’t wait to start the next one, a phono pre amp. Thanks very much to Nelson Pass for publishing these projects! For more info, visit: Kris Edwards .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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