Son of Zen

I recently completed construction of a monoblock pair of SOZ amplifiers, which was my first DIY project. My versions are massive, heat producing sound machines. They weigh about 95 lb. each, and produce around 30 Watts of power. I pulled no punches in the construction using custom-made chassis, Cardas wiring, WBT binding posts, Plitron transformers, Vishay resistors etc., which certainly was not cheap. However, the sound is wonderful and the amps more than hold their own against my reference Audio Research VT100 Mk.II. Importantly, the fans I used are very quite and do not impose on the sound, really! The attached pictures show the amplifiers in place in my listening room, and when compared to the VT100 and the Dunlavy SC-4a's show the huge size of these amps. Other pictures show the amps in various stages of construction. Many thanks to Nelson for providing the plans for this great sounding amplifier. Anyone who has questions or comments regarding my SOZ's can contact me at this address, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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