Son of Zen

About me
Dear Mr. Nelson Pass ! As you already know, but to you others, my name is Rune Braendaas, I am living in Norway. And here are the pictures of how I build "The Son of Zen". The amplifiers are build as monoblocks, and they are rated at 30 watts each. All the pictures are showing one of the two monoblocks.

I build the amplifiers like an "open" construction, to loose as much heat as possible, without using any noisy fans. The height on the mounting plates for the transformer, and the large heat sinks are the same. This makes it easy to close it, with a front, top and a back plate, if preferred. To put up with the 30 watts, I used a 2500 VA transformer, delivered by Ulveco. A total of 182000 microfarad capacitors, all each monoblock. I have used the RIFA PEH169 capacitors. All the heatsinks comes from Alutronic. PR-186 and PR 172, you can get them at any lengths. I also paralleled 6 pcs. of 47 ohm 50 watts resistors, instead of using one 250 watts 8 ohm resistor. By doing this I spread the heat better at the heat sinks. I also used another transistor IRFP260. It is placed all alone on its own heat sink. At last I had to add a "soft start circuit", the fuses in my house do not like the hit of that large power supply. The dimensions are: W:65cm, D:30cm, H:25cm, and the weight are 45kg. All each monoblock. I must say that I am very pleased and happy with the sound. It is sweet, open and very detailed. I think, some of the best I ever heard. I have also build the "Balanced Zen Line Stage" is has a more ordinary look. Thanks for your personal contribution during my construction period. Best Regards Rune Braendaas

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