Balanced Zen Line Stage

About me
Dear Pass, My name is Seungyun Lee in KOREA. First of all, I'd like to say thanks for your contribution of DIY amp on the internet. Last year, I was looking for DIY preamp on the internet and fortunately I found the "Balanced Line Stage" from this site. So, I was starting to develop it with my friends. After I started work first time, many people want to join this project and we had worked together.

In this project, we designed and developed the some PCB for input selection by using relay device. This board supports 4 unbalanced inputs, 2 balanced inputs and 1 monitor out. You can see them from the figures. Also we used the good attenuator from some small audio-maker in KOREA and it works very well. Actually I used the attenuator for both input and output. However, as Pass say in his article, the output only was better. In order to have a good-looking chassis, we designed the our own chassis for this amp. This chassis made by duralumin with hair-line process. One of important point we thought in the project is making a good chassis. So we invested a lot of time to make a chassis. At last we made the attractive chassis as you can see in the figure. We also design the knob for this project. It sounds very clear and dynamically for all bandwidths. Someone around me said this pre amplifier has ability to judge the performance of power amplifier smile Anyway, I've never listen this kind of sound before. I think this is close to high-end grade on my experiences. It was great shocking for me. So, I recognized that I have some prejudice for A class amp and DIY amplifier before. Regards, Seungyun Lee( .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) ) P.S. You can find more detail information about this project from . However, currently we do not provide English pages yet (only Hangul). Sorry~

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