Son of Zen

The Son of Zen was very interesting amplifier and has a lot of attractions for me. Especially, I liked pure Class-A circuit and I needed a balanced input on my power-amp. For making a chassis, I used a two big heat sink for righ and left side. The rest of sides are construct with duralumin pannel. And I used push toggle power switch in front pannel with blue-LED. After doing this work I am satisfied my design. Most of difficult work to do in this project is the drilling(tapping) for power resistor on the both sides of heat sink. Actually, I broke a lot of the drill bits on my tapping work. Basically, I followed by Pass’s original circuit of the Son of Zen without modifying. In this project I made it with only 5 watt output and used single 500VA transformer of toroidal type in it. I also used Dale’s non-inductive aluminum foiled power resister. Because this amplifier generates too much heat, I used two big heat sinks for both sides and I used Teflon cable for wiring. In the power supply, I used four 33,000uF electrolytic capacitors with 1uF film capacitor. In my case, I didn’t use a air-coil in power supply since there were no differences with or without it. The Son of Zen gave me a great sound as expected. Although I made it as a 5 watt output, its sound makes me exited for long time. No one who are listen my amplifier believe that this is only 5 watt. This amplifier has a great bass sound and transparency definitely. And this Son of Zen and my Pass Balanced Line Stage matched together in perfect harmony Finally, because Mr. Pass gave me some help by e-mail, I could complete this work. Thanks to Mr. Pass. Seungyun Lee Email : .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) P.S. : You can find more detail information about my Son of Zen project from But, unfortunately, we do not provide the english pages yet(only Hangul). Sorry~

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