Pearl 2

Fig.1: The Pearl playing Schubert in my mostly DIY system. (Excellent match and gain for Grace F-9E cartridge.) Fig.2: The insides. Silver signal wire (from Ron Welborne), Caddock resistors for R14 and a tantalum resistors from Angela Instruments I had left-over from another project for R27. Fig.3: Vampire RCA connectors (also Welborne) and binding post for turntable ground. Hammond chassis. Fig.4: The Pearl playing Schubert. DIY tube preamp in a Dynaco chassis and chassis-up rebuilt Dynaco Stereo 70. Pearl fits right in. Fig.5: Separate power supply as suggested in manual sent with the Pass boards. I followed Michele's (see gallery pics from Italy) suggestion for grounding. The power supply and signal path are connected on each PCB board via jumper and the channel grounds join to chassis at the turntable ground half-way between the output jacks. For safety, the power supply grounds are connected via a 10ohm thermistor to earth ground in the separate ps chassis. No hum whatsoever. Fig.6: Separate power supply chassis (from Hammond) with indicator LED. Michael Losonsky

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