Pearl 2

Finally I am successful to finish to my Pearl phono stage. After any of vicissitudes for the tuning of the grounds, and a little of run in , I must admit that in comparison to the moneies expenses the sound is to the height of the best hi-end realizations that they are found on the market to many thousand of dollars. The sound is much airy one, the sound-stage is wide and deep, the sound is warmth, and with my pick-up Benz Glyder from 800 microvolts does not come less not even punch and dynamics. I Am truly much satisfying of the result, many thanks to Nelson Pass in order to have given the possibility to me to realize the object, to Wayne Colburn for the optimal plan, and to Karen for the attendance given to me via email. The next step, as soon as I put little from part of moneies, will be the realization of a couple of Zen amplifiers. One demand: to when one stage of conversion I/V with L.P.F. and buffer in pure Zen style, for giving life also to the CD players. Still thanks, a cordial salute from Italy. I enclose the photos of my realization. Michele.

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