Freudenthaler Martin

Balanced Zen Line Stage

Dear Pass Labs! In the year 2003 I built a Balanced Zen Line Stage for a friend. He carved out the case of an aluminium slab with a CNC-machine. The shape was inspired by the corps of a violine. I worked out the electronic part as shown in the original schematics. Power supply voltage 2x60Vdc, Panasonic electrolytics and IRF 610. He uses the unbalanced Input (CD Player with output volume) and the balanced Output (two Burmester 850 amps) When the amps have warmed up, the sound is smooth with space between the instruments. Future improvements: matching the Mosfets, increasing C103, C104 to 470 uF, brass screws to fix the mosfets. Greetings from Austria, Freudenthaler Martin

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