Rene Thonissen

Balanced Zen Line Stage

I saw on Internet good reviews of the balanced line stage so I wanted to build one. To make the holes and text for the casework I went to a German company Schaeffer (Front Panel Express, LLC). They delivered a pc-program Front Panel Designer(CAD) to design front panels and making the drills and text through CNC workmanship. For Inputs/outputs I have used Cardas (rca) and Neutrik (xlr). All wiring from Cardas. Resistors mostly Tantalum (0,5W/1%) and Mills MRB-5NI for the 750E values. Capacitors from Elna ROA, Panasonic and Black gate. Output capacitors are from MIT (PPFX). For the volume control I have used the Goldpoint stereo mini-vr control and for the casework nonmagnetic material (aluminum) and if possible nylon or stainless steel screws. Damping panels from Sound coat. For the input I can choose between balanced or single ended operation through a switch. For the output there is only 2 pair of single ended outputs with the option to make a balanced output. There is also a connection for a headphone. I have made 2 pair of outputs for more flexibility in the future (bi-amping or subwoofer). After all the effort I can say the pre-amp is sounding wonderful, very silent with no on/off click when switching the amplifier. Stage is big with very good separation very good in detail also in the high frequencies. It's driving a Roque stereo 90 tube amp . I think it sounds better then my YBA2 pre-amp which I have owned some years ago. I wonder why companies still making multi stage amplifiers while you can have very good results with 1 or 2 stage amplifiers. I thank Nelson Pass for sharing his knowledge . With kind regards, Rene Thonissen Netherlands .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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