Balanced Zen Line Stage

A 40 amp. work so fine after 1 year, and l need to have proper preamp . Where do l look,... of course Balanced line stage is my choice. l make it non balanced. Chassis: 4 mm AL, front 10 mm,trafo 2 X 50 VA 30 V out. Resistors: normal mtf 1%, 750 ohm 6 watt by RS electronic. Capacitors: elna 100 V elco, at out audyncap 10 micro pp Transistors: irf 610, 9610. Volume out: bourns 2 x 5 k ohm. Wire ofc silver plated. About sound: deep and wide , low noise, lots of details. Need more work( only 10 hours) bat it gives music new dimension. Best wishes for all diy people from Croatia ! Predrag Pesa ( .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) )

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