Balanced Zen Line Stage

Once in a while I fire up my soldering iron and start a new project. At the moment it's the balanced line stage. The result is very much better than the expectancy. The BLS is a very simple design but has an outstanding performance. Some technical information: Build as unbalanced Resistors: Welwyn, Vitrohm, Philips Capacitors: Elna, S&M, Mundorf, silver mica Elma rotary switch, Elma stepped attenuator with Vishay resistors R-core transformer 50VA each Alu case with granite sides, glass front , stainless steel knobs I have added and modified some parts Some sound impressions: The BLS is sounding very airy with a lot of micro resolution. The soundstage is stable and three dimensional. Voices and acoustical instruments are sounding natural. The smoothness of the sound may be a little improved due to the Mundorf supreme caps. The images are showing the BLS whilst building up and the finished preamp with my current favorite equipment. If anyone has a question don't hesitate to email me. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) I want to thank Nelson Pass and his Crew for making such information available! Best regards from Germany Ralf

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