Balanced Zen Line Stage

Attached please find photos of my unbalanced version of the Zen Line Stage. My Zen preamp turned out to be more costly than I planned to, but it was worth it and I had a good time building it. This was my first amplifier project, and I made a few mistakes and learned a lot. I took me quite long to finish the project before I was satisfied with the case design. Case is two mm aluminum inside and oak wood on the outside. It is quite heavy for a preamp. A friend made the knobs for me in bronze. Top lid is from an old VHS. This is an unbalanced version of the BoSoZ. I use two simple Alps 10K mono pots as balance controls and input attenuators at P1. Gain is 10 db (I guess) using 430R at R15. For output master volume P3 I made a 5K attenuator on an Elma 04 switch using normal 1% metal-films. Input selector and tape monitor switches are also Elma 04. I use the tape monitor switch for cinema with an Onkyo ProLogic processor in the tape loop. Input for four sources, tape in and out and one line out. Signal wire is silver-coated Stripline teflon from LC Audio. Even though I placed the switches and pots as close to the back as possible using extension shafts, the total hookup wiring is quite long. However I preferred to have these many inputs and the tape loop. Fets are IRF610 and IRF9610. Caddock resistors and Mundorf Mcaps. No AC grounding. Modifications to the balanced circuit can be seen here It is. very quiet and turns on and off without any noise at all. The Zen preamp performs brilliant IMHO. Very sweet and relaxing, lots of details, wide soundstage. Really friendly to listen to. I've now started to build the Zen 4. I'm sure I won't be disappointed... Thanks to Nelson Pass. Also thanks to Hans Buhl Houmoller, Bjarne Nedergaard, Brian Sorup and Ilias Kamouzis. best regards Jan Bak Madsen Helsingor, Denmark .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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