Balanced Zen Line Stage

About me
My name's Anael. I discovered, then started to be interested by the Passlabs web site 3 months ago, and I can say that I'm always pleased to log-in to have some news about Mr Pass's creations... Anyway it started 1 month ago. I was very interested in the Balanced Zen Line Stage, so I decided to download all information I needed to construct Nelson's line preamp. Time to make my PCB's (only by hand...), time to make my personal aluminum chassis (took a certain time!!...), find all components... I was in a recording session, working as sound engineer for a project of CD Bach cello suites, so time was shared between church for recording, and...night assemblage of ZLS.

The circuits worked perfectly first time hooked-up. Assemblage didn't take so long, so I could soon appreciate the device's sound!... It is outrageously good, better than my Monteith-Flowers pre-amp! (this particular circuit was used as a micro-preamp. for the recording sessions.) Technically, noise floor is very low even with unbalanced operation, at reasonably high listening level. No hiss in my horn system, no buzz in my PR 330-M0 boomers, at global sensitivity of 97dB/Watt for the speakers ( I use Mr Guigue's excellent horns, with B&C 1" DE25 compression drivers.) Output noise is "discrete" (private joke?) Musically speaking, on 2 microphones recordings, sense of space is the most natural I have ever listened to. Sense of depth is like everyone could describe as realistic. Different plains are never "projected" against the first one! Every part of a multi-track recording is free of inter-modulation problems. Sound of acoustic instruments are naturally transcribed. This is a real analog feeling!!... All resistors are Philips MRS 25 (1%) or PR03 (3Watt devices). 750R was not available, so I took 2X 1500R in parallel every place mentioned 3W. They still run hot ... Congratulations to Nelson for his art. Nelson's contribution to music is huge, and I can assume my words, being a professional cellist. Nelson's purpose is musicality and no other thing! Everyone wanting more details for realization are happy-welcomed asking me questions by e-mail: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). I am not as wonderful tech as Nelson is, but if I can help anyone being happy with his future DIY system, then I'm glad giving news by e-mail !!! My next step will be : the building of A4 . To be continued... Best regards a r

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