Bride of Zen

I finished my BOZ about two months ago and am using it to drive a set of chipamp monoblocks. This is the first project I have tried without using a PCB and there is quite a bit more time and thinking involved even with a simple circuit like the BOZ. I used fairly standard off-the-shelf parts rather than anything exotic since I wanted to build this on the cheap. It still sounds wonderful and does it's job well. The construction is fairly standard, it's a purchased aluminum chassis with a 1/4 inch wood front. I decided to spice it up by including a blue LED inside, cutting a circle out of the front and placing mesh over the hole. The end effect is that in the dark it glows blue and you can see the components. I built this because I felt compelled to take advantage of Nelson's generosity. I think next time I'll head his advice better and not place the transformer directly over the circuit, it causes some noise, but completely acceptable. Thank you Mr Pass and the folks at for their help. Michael.

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