Gary P Smith

Bride of Zen

I’m sure you have heard this until you are blue in the face, but my mother taught me to say thank you when someone goes out of their way. I have been an avid fan of your products since the late 70’s. I had the pleasure operating the service department of Audio Art in Richmond VA for several years. It was a part-time job that supported my habit. I was lucky enough to be able to purchase a traded in 400A and an NS10. Sadly some low life broke in to my apartment and stole them. I have had the intention of doing a DIY project for several years. I purchased the PCB’s for the BOZ, and Zen from Audio Amateur magazine several years ago. Long story short here are a few pictures of my Bride. She more than meets specs and her distortion is below the residual level of my audio oscillator and HP 334a. I’m going to build the test bid you describe in your article on MOSFET testing to get better aquatinted with these little creatures. From there I’ll be off on my 25 watt/ch ZEN adventure. After which I hope to do a 100 watt/ch Zen 5. Just can’t justify the $150.00 for heatsinks yet. Thanks for all of your inspiration and participation. I hope this finds you, your family, and all the people at PASS LABS ® in good health and spirits. Regards, Gary P Smith, Atlanta, GA

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