Bride of Zen

Hello, It's been said a lot of times but I really like it that a hifi manufacturer puts designs on the web to help/support audio DIY'ers. In 1998 I built the Bride of Zen. I use it to to drive hybrid end stages (A&T - A30, a Dutch design). First I bought all the parts and started drawing my own PCB design, this was necessary because in Europe some parts are different in size. Building wasn't a big problem, so in a week all the work was done. Hooking it up and after a few minutes The Bride was playing ... My brother, who was a welder in that time, made the housing. The front is just a piece of fibreboard with a granite spray finish. Because I wanted to use the Bride of Zen soon as possible, I didn't pay much attention to the wiring. First I was afraid the wires would pick up much noise, but fortunately it's very silent. Only when driving the volume up to 90% you can hear some line noise (50 Hz). So, for almost 4 years it has been playing perfect. Very clean sound, no hum or sharp hiss when playing. My next project will be to build an A5 (work should start end 2002). On a Dutch audio forum I found several enthusiasts who also start with this amp. Then, after a while, I might want to replace the BOZ for the Zen Balanced line stage. Pass Labs ; thank you for these nice designs. Greetings from The Netherlands Nick Beijers, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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