Bride of Zen

I just finished my version of your Bride of Zen Preamp. The sound is just wonderful. It is rich and warm. I built it using 2 modules: a separate power supply and the preamp itself. I used good quality Solen cap for the audio path. It is a point-to-point assembly. I shielded the toroidal transformer. I used only TFE insulated silver plated copper wire. I tried to keep the signal path as short as possible. The volume pot and the inputs selection relays are on the back close to the connectors. I also used good gold plated connectors and AMP connectors for the power cable. I thank you very much for sharing with the DIY community such a great design. Sylvain Bergeron Chomedey, Laval, PQ Canada .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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