Glenn Swiderski

Zen Variations 1

Desmond here are the pictures of the completed Zen Light. I finally got a single board put together and it all assembled on one plate. The base is made out of plywood and painted black. All of the parts were obtained surplus or on the scrap market. Each channel has its own power supply with 76000 ufd on the bridge side of the supply and 18000 ufd on the amp side of the supply. Noise is non existent and the little amp sounds pretty good. My so called high end audio type friends are amazed by the way it sounds. I do have a pair of 40 hz folded horns hid under the bench but nobody knows that yet! If you like you can put this along side the clip lead model I have already in the gallery. Regards, Glenn Swiderski .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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