Glenn Swiderski

Zen Variations 1

Here are the pictures of the amp in the clip lead stage - not yet finished. I have enjoyed listening to it very much. I wonder if its the pure simplicity I like, or the warm glow from the light bulbs. I'm planning on using it as part of a tri-amp horn loaded system. I can't wait for The Claw to hit the Pass DIY page. For what its worth at 6 watts output the THD is .3% and the hum and noise is -72 db referenced to a 1 Khz tone at 6 watts. The IMD was 0.8%. Frequency response was plus or minus 1 db from 30 hz to 16 Khz. I'm using IRF140 FETs and the rail voltage is 72 volts with a pair of 150 watt bulbs in parallel in each channel. For the record I was using a JBL 4401 for the test load not a resistor. I feel this gives more of a real world feel for the performance but the tones drive my wife nuts ! Thanks , Glenn Swiderski

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