Zen Amplifier Revisited

Schematic: Same as published by Nelson Pass with the exception of different MOSFETS a 50V rail instead of 24V, and slightly beefed up PSU filtering bias set to 4amp bigger output (loudspeaker) coupling caps - 10,000uF (ex junked previous project) With fabricated heatsink and running two parallel Zen Revisited stages per channel to cope with my 4ohm speaker balls - double current demands over an 8 ohm rig. Each mono block is dumping 400W - 2 Zen stages each running at 4amp bias, 50v rail. This combo can manage 50W RMS into 4ohm before clipping. With thanks to Nelson for the tips along the way and making this information available to us who love to mess with this stuff. Oh, and it sounds superb too. I'm happy to be emailed with any queries or comments not answered here - a lot of time and head scratching has gone into this - it would be a shame not to share it.... Bi-amp/wire update: So I tried bi-wiring from each of my 'strapped' gain stages to the speaker instead of strapping at the amp and single wiring. Wow - even over appx 2ft it sounds better - seemingly more in control than before - cleaner highs. The Zen is mated with a Bride of Zen pre-amp. Pete. For more pictures and information visit Pete's web page: http://users.computerweekly.net/peted/zen.htm

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