Bride of Zen

This is a wonderful little pre-amp!! Note the low load impedance seen by the Bride (500 ohm appox) due to the 2 strapped Zen Revisited stages doesn't appear to hurt the Bride, although it does clobber the max gain a bit - see Nelson's bit re the gain being also dependant on the load resistance. When the volume isn't at max, the Bride's gain comes up as the attenuator buffers it from the Zen's 500ohm. I calculated resistor values for a stepped attenuator taking into account the Zen's i/p impedance - but forgot to factor in the Bride's gain drop at max volume. I don't find the 3dB steps I implemented for my 11 way unit too course. It's an ex WW2 rotary switch (just HAD to use it), it has superb big silver (?) plated contacts, from some radio gear I think. It's clunkyness complements the Zen philosophy brilliantly! Feel free to mail me, and don't forget to enjoy the music along the way... Pete. For more pictures and information visit Pete's web page:

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