Bride of Zen

I have finished my BOZ project. Here are some pictures from construction. This is my first version, where the key point is the ALPS Black Beauty potentiometer (10k). To install the pot to the PCB, I redesigned the board. Input and output capacitors have possibility to upgrade, with different pitch sizes. On the first picture you can see the PCB board, before the components mounted. Next pictures are from construction of the case. It was a really hard mechanical work, but I get help from local workshop (naturally on friendly base...). On the front and back plate will be the titles also, but now we are make "evaluation" of laser marking machine in workshop. I will update the pictures, when it will be ready (sept-oct 2002). The front panel is simple: Power switch knob (left side), volume (center) and selector (right) knobs. The rotation power switch is from Conrad catalogue. The mains filter is rated at 3A, and the 60VA toroid is made in local workshop. Input and output RCAs are teflon insulated connectors. The wires are teflon insulated OFC, the FETs are matched pairs (Thanks, Karen!). The last two pictures shows the 90% finished case. The preamp sounds good, and enough fast. Until now I listen the music directly from CD player. When I installed the preamp, I noticed, that the sound is a bit better. After couple of hours (days) the sound was much more better. (All of the parts was brand new). Now it's sounds great! The next version is planned in same case, but with separated PS for each channel, and the volume control will be probably from AP preamps. Maybe it will end up at AP preamp, A poweramp... who knows. I would like to Thanks for Karen and Nelson, without them the project would be "dead". Karen, Nelson: Thanks for Your Help. Best Regards, Milan Popovics Hungary

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