Bride of Zen

This is my version of the Bride of Zen preamplifier. First of all I like to thanks Mr. Pass for his kindness in sharing his knowledge with us. I have been listening steady to this preamp for more than two years ( finally bought a digital camera ). An I am amazed at how excellent this simple circuit sounds. Many late nights I have listen to the BOZ with out the top cover on in full wonder how such a simple circuit can sound so marvelous. I kept things simple as the front panel shows ( from left to right ). Volume ( Noble 10K ), mute, power, tape monitor, and selection switch. The enclosure came from Spire Audio ( no longer in business ). At the back of the enclosure are RCA connectors from Parts Connection. In the inside I made things simple, no fancy wire or expensive caps. Cause I really didn't take this project seriously. I first tried the BOZ with the Pass modified Harmon Kardon Citation 12 ( pictures in gallery soon ), driving my Totem Model One Signatures. Well the modified HK 12 couldn't drive the the speakers low impedance load and the sound was very soft so up on the shelf went the BOZ. Well one day I hook the BOZ up to my Borbely mono blocks with all DH Labs cabling and WOW! Thanks again, FBJ

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